About our partners

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Our Academic partners have outstanding publication records and are dedicated in the highest quality of education. The rationale of the partners is a shared ambition to integrate their current programmes at international level. We have strong synergies as we all focus on vines to wine (molecular, genomic, process and consumption approaches). We all operate in the context of climate change and sustainable viti-viniculture, including quality and biodiversity comprehension/mechanisms and implications. We all work for a future integrated oenology and viticulture to combine experimental and fundamental research.

Our Resarch and Industrial partners have been selected based on the following criteria: existing working relations with consortium partners; disciplinary excellence in their sector and geographical distribution. They are involved in the programmes' structure, the accreditation of the projects, the selection of the candidates, the supervision of the students, the career plans, the sustainability of the programmes and in the quality assurance strategy. They also contribute actively to the promotion of the OENOVITI International programmes and to the professional integration of our graduates.

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