Symposium 2019

The Agricultural University of Athens, member of the network since 2016, were hosting the events this year.

The theme of this 8th Symposium was : "What changes in varietal wines quality, typicality, chemical and sensorial characters in the frame of climate change? Consequences on vines management, wine market and tourism economy, possible solutions and innovations."


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More information on the topics

The day of the 13th May was divided into four sessions:

Session 1: Vine and grapes quality and typicality changes
Session 2: Wine quality change and sensorial consequences
Session 3: Grapes and wine quality change and defects 
Session 4: Wine Market, Tourism Economy and Management
Session 5: Round table - Solutions and Innovation in the industry sector

The Symposium was followed by the 12th General Assembly of the Network on 14th May 2019. During this day, we have presented the achievements of the year and the challenges for the years to come. Members of the network then gathered in several work groups to talk about common subject to build cooperation between them. Then, members had the chance to visit Athens and to have dinner at the bottom of the Acropolis.

We thank the Agricultural University of Athens for their great hospitality, all the speakers, and all the sponsors for their support and participation.